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Etel, porte de la ria bienvenue à Etel port d'Etel ancien canot de sauvetage dans le port d'Etel sémaphore gardant la barre d'Etel cercle celtique lors de la fête du thon, 2010 dans les rues d'Etel (rue de Penester) mégalithe aux portes d'Etel port du Magouër face à Etel la ria d'Etel les épaves du Magouër, Plouhinec "Route des hortensias", 2009 vue d'Etel depuis la barre
fête du thon 2010 accueil des vacanciers "nuit du feu", C. Frebault, concours photo 2012 50 ans du canot "Patron Emile Daniel" bagad de Locoal-Mendon fête du thon 2012 fête du thon 2006 salon du bateau - Etel 2010 lauréats du concours des maisons fleuries fête du thon 2009

Welcome to Etel !

Ideally situated for discovering the magnificent cosy sea inlet, the Ria of Etel.

sandbar of Etel
It is also strategically placed if you wish to wander around Morbihan and discover Carnac, Quiberon, Vannes or Lorient. So don’t hesitate to come and visit Etel and its Ria, a small corner of paradise where you surely will have a memorable stay.

To start off with you have the famous sandbar of Etel, a natural phenomenon that gets its name from a bed of sand situated under the water at the mouth of the Ria. The sandbar of Etel is formed as the tide rises or withdraws. Sometimes the breaking waves along the mouth make the sandbar impassable. The lighthouse at the entrance guides the boats to get through the pass. Legend says that it was a woman, who seeking revenge on the inhabitants of Etel threw a handful of sand into the Ria, thus forming the famous sandbar.

cruise boat

What better way to discover Etel than by getting your feet wet ! On board a cruise boat with "la Compagnie des Îles";, by renting a boat, by kayak, underwater diving or by just simply taking advantage of the beaches.

Walkers & hikers can also discover Etel with its hiking trails and paths through the countryside or along by the seashore. The hike can be extended to include nearby villages and towns (a tourist map of the Ria of Etel is on sale in the tourist offices).

rescue boatThe history of Etel is present in every street within the town. The Museum "des Thoniers" — named after the tuna fishing boats — is a permanent reminder of the period when Etel was a major fishing port that helped make a daily living for all of its inhabitants.
Some important events have marked the history of Etel, such as the Bombard affair which saw nine men lose their lives in 1958 or the rendition of the surrounded German army of Lorient on 7th May 1945 in the Bar Breton.
There are also historical buildings that will delight you, the Church "Notre Dame de flots" (Our Lady of the water) and the five, well hidden fountains of the town…

beach for children
Of course, Etel is a family destination ! For the children the stretch of water is ideal for bathing and swimming, bordered by games, a picnic area and a merry-go-round ; you can image a great afternoon well spent. Within a few minutes you can find "Le P’tit Délire" an open air attraction park with water games and inflatable buildings.

However, there are also lots of sports activities, and for all ages, a tree adventure park, horse-riding, free tennis courts made available courtesy of the town or even cycling around by using the bike paths that can bring you to Quiberon.

Above all Etel is a very dynamic town ! There are many associations, that keep the town active all year round. The cinema offers a varied and up-to-date programme, there are many activities and events that take place, concerts, exhibitions, festivities, “fest noz” (traditional Breton festivities and dances)…

A rich programme that will allow you to discover our culture and to become, while you are here, a typical “étellois” or inhabitant of our town.

Have a great stay in Etel !

Upcoming festivities and events

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Pleasure of welcoming you !

Syndicat d'initiative / Tourist office, 1 place des Thoniers
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